Courtney Barnett lacks the energy to Tell Me How You Really Feel


Courtney Barnett’s debut full-length, 2015’s Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, established the Australian indie-rocker as a potent musical force. With its tumbling guitars, ragged vocals, and grunge-punk tones—all of which coalesced on the scorching, sassy “Pedestrian At Best”—the album exceeded the…

Song Named After The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip Does Not Sound Like The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

After a five-year hiatus, hipster-but-also-popular band Arctic Monkeys have finally released their newest album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. I, for one, couldn’t wait, mostly because of the fact that this album featuring a song that I thought was going to be incredible. That song was called The World’s First…

Making the case for Bruce Springsteen’s decade away from E Street


The standard narrative goes like this: Bruce Springsteen without the E Street band is like a painter missing a color from their palette—there’s just something incomplete. His years with the band on hiatus, in this reading, were those of a musician lost in the creative wilderness. But the new remasters collection Bruce…

#GoingHomeWhileBlack: Rapper T.I. Arrested Outside His Gated Community After Misplacing Keys

After a Tuesday night out, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. attempted to re-enter his gated community home but realized that he’d misplaced his keys. Apparently the security guard wasn’t interested in letting him into his home, and an altercation occurred, which ended up with T.I. being arrested at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Pissbaby Duke Administrator Gets Baristas Fired For Listening To Rap Music [Update]

If you’ve ever spent time around people blessed with a particular combination of self-absorbtion and privilege, this story, from Indy Week, about a Duke administrator getting two campus baristas fired for daring to listen to rap music while on the job won’t really shock you. It will make you mad as hell, though.

Fever Ray's Dazzling Sonic Immersion Comes to Brooklyn

Constructing an album as a reflection of sexual awakening is practically a rite of passage for pop singers (particularly women pop singers) at this point. There was Madonna’s Erotica, Janet Jackson’s janet (and then The Velvet Rope and then All for You and then Damita Jo and then...), Rihanna’s Rated R into Loud,…

Ryan Reynolds showed up on a South Korean singing show dressed as a unicorn

In a normal world, that headline would seem insane. But in a world where a Deadpool 2 promotional blitz is in full swing, it’s just par for the course. So, yes, as reported by Mashable, Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on a South Korean singing show wearing a unicorn mask and sparkling, rainbow-fringed cape, belting…