Young Listeners Are Bailing on Pandora

Via Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Pandora Media
Via Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Pandora Media

Last Friday wasn’t great for Pandora, one of the premier online radio platforms. Digital Music News reported that the company announced that it has lost 8 million users since the start of 2017. The fairly dramatic decline puts the company at 73 million active users, down from 81 million at the end of 2016.


That would be one reason for concern, but Business Insider
reported on Sunday, November 5, that Pandora’s losing its young users. Business Insider cites a Piper Jaffray survey, which found that only 35 percent of teens say they listen to Pandora, which is a sharp decrease from 74 percent that was reported back in 2014. These are the challenges faced by the company’s new CEO Roger Lynch, who was the former CEO of Sling.

In the past few years, Spotify stepped up its game in the very passive listening space that Pandora owned. Apple Music is now in the mix, and YouTube, the largest platform for music listening, continues to reign above all of the rest. Pandora recently announced playlists to go along with their premium subscription tier, but with so much competition they might want to keep searching for lanes less traveled.

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