Young Dolph’s online shop
Young Dolph’s online shop

Before we go any further, you should know that the song titles on Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s latest album, Bulletproof, make an oddly inspiring poem:

100 Shots

In Charlotte

But I’m Bulletproof

So Fuk’em

That’s How I Feel

All of Them

I’m So Real

I Pray For My Enemies

I’m Everything You Wanna Be


So nice, right? In case it wasn’t clear—by the song titles, by the album title, by his latest music videoYoung Dolph was shot earlier this year. Actually, Young Dolph has been shot twice in the last seven months: once in Charlotte, North Carolina during the CIAA basketball tournament, and again last month in Los Angeles. That time, the rapper ended up in the hospital—but he wasn’t there for long, as he tweeted this a few days later:


Now upping the ante, Young Dolph—whose new album, Thinking Out Loud, is due out tomorrow—is selling a bulletproof vest on his website for $85. The black vest has the word “BULLETPROOF” across the chest, in case that part wasn’t clear enough. Although the actual plates are sold separately as noted by a large disclaimer on the shop, in case one actually wants to be “bulletproof.

There is something endearing, dismaying, concerning, and lovable about the way that Dolph flips his tragedy into profits.


Oh, and a purchase of the vest comes with a free .mp3 download of Thinking Out Loud. Happy listening!

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