You Can Now Buy Concert Tickets on YouTube

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YouTube, the world’s biggest music streaming platform, is now entering into the world of ticket-selling. Today, on its Artist Blog, the company announced a partnership with Ticketmaster that’ll allow consumers to purchases concert tickets from artists’ video pages. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Via YouTube

The “Tickets” button on the right will bring users to Ticketmaster’s website. YouTube, which is currently in a cold war with the music industry over royalty pay-outs, stressed how it wants to strengthen the relationship between fans and live music (“we understand the importance of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans”). Potentially, this could be a way for the company to distinguish itself from Apple Music or Spotify.

Via Spotify

Though YouTube’s offering is in the early stages of being rolled out, placing the Ticketmaster widget directly under the video player, alongside the video description and comments section, rather than tucked away in a separate tab on the artist’s page, is a smart design choice. Keeping users on the video page means they don’t have to open another tab, stop what they’re watching, or get lost navigating an artist’s profile page while searching for tickets. That may mean people are more likely to actually use it.

Which is good because the company already faces competition in this space. Spotify partnered with Eventbrite and AXS in June to offer a similar service. Last month, Bandcamp announced an APP FOR artists and labels that gives a detailed breakdown of consumers’ music- and merchandise-buying habits. These recent moves show that the next frontier of streaming may not involve any streaming, but pushing towards real-world transactions.

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