Via Phresher’s Instagram
Via Phresher’s Instagram

Next week, Eminem will release Revival, his first studio album since 2013. I won’t try and act like I’m excited, or that we’re excited, but the collaborators on tracklist did catch my eye. I’m not talking about Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Kehlani, Pink, or Skylar Gray. Nope, nope, I’m talking about the album’s third track, “Chloraseptic,” which features little-known Brooklyn rapper Phresher.

Phresher may not be known to most, but he’s been rapping for a while and scored a local Brooklyn hit with his song “Wait A Minute” that featured two teenaged Brooklyn duo Curly Savv and Dah Dah. Even before “Wait A Minute,” Phresher found minor success with the song “On The Low” with Desiigner, before the teenager went No. 1 last year with his song “Panda.” Earlier this year, “Wait A Minute” got a remix that included Remy Ma and with 15 million plays on YouTube, it is certainly Phresher’s biggest hit.


Complex spoke with Phresher yesterday about how he’s feeling after it was revealed he was on Eminem’s album:

It’s amazing. I keep saying that God is good, and I really appreciate Eminem for believing in me. He could have had any feature in the world, and he chose me. It’s an honor. Right now, my phone blowing up, my IG, everything is blowing up. Emails, everything. I’m just blessed. I feel really blessed at this moment.

The Detroit rapper heard his latest EP and got to work quickly on a collaboration that they were able to do in less than a day, according to Complex. Fans will have to wait another week before finally hearing the collaboration, but for Phresher, he’s already basking in the glow of the moment.

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