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You may know Este Haim as the oldest and coolest sister of the rock group Haim—but you also may not know her at all, if you’re not into musicians’ names, celebrities’ birth order, or pop culture in general. That could prove to be embarrassing for you, but probably not Este, because she is unmovable, a rock in the face of embarrassment.


On Wednesday night, Este and the rest of Haim (Danielle and Alana) were at the BRIT Music Awards in London, seated at a table next to Liam Payne, former One Direction member and guy who currently sings this song. As a result, they were in the background whenever the camera turned to Payne and his guest, Cheryl Cole, the former singer and current mother of his child. (It’s complicated, apparently.) Este took that as an opportunity to hilariously photobomb the two, making faces at the camera, dramatically applying lip balm, throwing up peace signs, and miming a telephone call. (CALL HER!!)

However! A bunch of people didn’t recognize her (?), incorrectly identifying Este as a “mystery” “drunk woman.”


Girlfriend is a rock, though, as I said, and took it in stride. May we all strive to be a bit more like Este:

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