What Do You Think Pete Wentz and Kim Kardashian West Email About?

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Before reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian West was married to rapper Kanye West, before she was a mother to North West and Saint West and unnamed Baby No. 3 West, before she tried on tiny sunglasses and never looked back—before all of that—Kim was a guest star in a Fall Out Boy music video. Yes, the emo band Fall Out Boy. (She’s a fan!)


Pete Wentz, face/bassist of FOB, reveals that the two still keep in touch after sharing a steamy smooch in the 2009 music video for “Thnks fr th Mmrs,” a song title that I always read as “Thanks for the Mumurs.” (It’s “Thanks for the memories.” Just FYI.)

“I stay in touch with her a little bit—just emails here and there,” Wentz told People, describing Kim as “the nicest person ever,” who just happens to be “like, a trillion times more famous” than she was when they worked together 10 years ago.


What do you think they email about? Maybe Kim still keeps up with Fall Out Boy’s music. They have a new album out, today, called M A N I A; it is my duty to tell you that.) Maybe sometimes “Thks fr th Mmrs” comes on at the grocery store and Kim is like “lol thnx for the memories :-)”. I’m not even trying to be funny, I think that’d be really cute.

Wentz also told People he sent Kim “some boots” with her son Saint West’s initials on them—Wentz also has a son named Saint—and she hit him back, sending his son a pair of Yeezys. Slightly cooler, but don’t worry about it Pete. That was still a nice gesture you did.


Sorry, I feel like I really glossed over how both Kim and Wentz have sons named Saint, and in that, I have done a disservice to you. Celebs, amirite! What are the odds. Saint Wentz is a year older than Saint West, though, so don’t get ahead of yourself—if anything, Kim stole Pete’s idea. I’m pretty sure that’s how that works.

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