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Update (12.21, 9:40 a.m.): Sky Ferreira tweeted last night for the first time in a month (at us!) to confirm that she has new music coming this winter. Now it’s on two social media platforms, so it has to be real, right?


Original Story (12.19, 6:13 p.m.): Over here at TrackRecord, we’re fans of Sky Ferreira and would like to hear new music from her as soon as humanly possible. We also understand that it’s been a trying year for the singer and actress, who’s been ill and misdiagnosed for some time. She’s posted occasional updates to Instagram throughout the year, saying that new music was on the way, without giving any concrete release info about her long-delayed sophomore album, Masochism.

Today, Ferreira added another update to her Instagram story and revealed that she’s “putting out new music really really really soon (for real)” in early 2018. However, it won’t be Masochism, but a collection of songs that “melt together like soap” (and our collective heart). So perhaps something like Charli XCX’s recent Pop 2 mixtape? However she classifies it, we’ll be ready.

Sky ends with some highly relatable thoughts about wanting to keep in-the-works projects under wraps, to not give the appearance that things are moving along better than they really are. “Talking about what you’re doing is a lot different than actually doing it,” she writes. Wise words!

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