Watch the First Act of Hamilton on Pornhub, As God Intended

via Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images
via Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Maybe you looove Hamilton and know every word to every song of the soundtrack. Maybe you saw it with your parents when Lin-Manuel Miranda was still in the cast. Maybe you think it’s Schoolhouse Rock! for adults and have never bothered to find out what it’s really about and will tell anyone who asks that you just don’t care. (But maybe you do, a little bit; no shame.) No matter who you are—you can now watch the first act of the critically acclaimed Broadway hit for free from the comfort of your computer screen, with just one visit to pornography site

This isn’t a joke. Some kind soul has uploaded video of the first act of the play (with the original cast!) to Pornhub; you can watch it all 75 minutes of it for free, as game designer Elizabeth Sampat pointed out on Twitter. (Well, at least until someone decides to take it down.) We did the dirty work of finding a link to the video for you—because apparently it’s not as simple as going to Pornhub and searching “REVOLUTIONARY TWINKS HAVE HISTORICAL FUN.” Don’t do that, unless you want to see a bunch of porn that isn’t Hamilton-related in the slightest. So if you’re interested in watching, click here. NOTE: While the video is SFW, the ads that come up on the side of the video player and throughout the website are definitely not, duh.

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