Want You Back? Is This a 5 Seconds of Summer Reunion?

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At the end of last year, we posed a critical question: Where the heck did Aussie pop-punk/boy band 5 Seconds of Summer go? After a series of Twitter teases this weekend, both on the official band account and those belonging to its members, it looks like the inquiry has become: How will they make their triumphant return? And can I call it a reunion?

Starting on Friday, and persisting through Monday, February 19, 5 Seconds of Summer (pronounced 5-Sauce, don’t be a narc) suggested their long-awaited third LP might be on its way, via Twitter. They shared a series of technicolor gifs and images, each featuring a phrase: “I know you know,” came first, then “Wish I could say something.” The reveal concluded with what appears to be a lyric sheet for a song (or songs?), something titled “Want You Back,” and a date, Friday, February 23.


We don’t know much, but we can assume something will be revealed Friday. Maybe “Want You Back” is actually an album? THAT THEY WILL SURPRISE DROP? Normally I’d check all the fandom accounts I follow on Twitter for confirmation, but most of the 5SOS kids of the past are big into K-Pop now. Just sayin’.

For those keeping count: It has been 851 damn days (or something) since 5SOS released their last full-length LP, 2015's Sounds Good Feels Good—that’s a lifetime in pop, punk and/or pop-punk music—few get to experience the spotlight for so long. It is especially shocking for a band who, in their earliest stages, toured with the now-defunct boy band One Direction and copied their one album and one world tour per year professional schedule, à la 2014's self-titled and Sounds Good Feels Good. Unlike 1D, 5SOS took some time off, attempted to rebrand (or, more accurately, become viewed as a more serious rock and roll entity) with a Rolling Stone cover at the end of 2015 and then...poof! Nothing. Radio silence. Until these tweets, bless ‘em.

In short: I can’t wait for the great 5 Seconds of Summer Reunion Tour 2k18. See you in the pit!

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