Um, Where Did Twenty One Pilots Go?

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Sound the alarm, do whatever you do in a time of crisis because two of radio rock’s favorite 20-somethings are missing-in-action: Has anyone seen Twenty One Pilots? The dynamic duo of frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dunn? It’s been a minute since we last heard from them and I am worried—they seem like sweet guys, they don’t deserve to be...disappeared. If you took them, please, return them to me, to us, to their fandom, the Skeleton Clique. They seem like sweet people, too!

Confused? Panicked? Allow me to explain: In 2009, a precocious Columbus, Ohio musician by the name Tyler Joseph started recording tunes with two of his best buds, bassist Nick Thomas and drummer Chris Salih. The trio had some fun, releasing two albums, 2009's self-titled and 2011's Regional at Best, to limited listenership.


At some point in 2011, both Salih and Thomas ditched Joseph/TOP to focus on work and school—Salih introduced Joseph to his Guitar Center colleague, drummer Josh Dun, and the pair hit it off—thusly, Twenty One Pilots became what they’re known as today. Dun and Joseph signed to Fueled by Ramen, the biggest pop-punk/emo label in the game, and released two albums that launched them into the limelight—2013's Vessel and the triple-platinum Blurryface in 2015, the latter of which scored them seemingly endless radio play—both on rock stations and regular ass Top 40, not an easy feat in an era where hip hop has replaced rock as the dominate musical force in this country. Oh, did I mention that they’re a rock band that doesn’t have a guitarist? Suck on that, purists.

Anyway, you’d think with all this newfound success under their belt, Dun and Joseph would stay as present as possible—we’ve already seen a handful of other groups try to mimic their success and honestly, those wackos could take over TOP’s space if the band doesn’t get back to it. (More selfishly: I just want a new album from them, is that too much to ask for?)

Here’s what we know, now: In June of last year, Twenty One Pilots told Alternative Press they were “going dark” to focus on new music. I assume that means they were abandoning the ‘net to get creative for their next full-length, but I also hope it means things are about to get goth-ier. For now, it looks like we’ll have to sit tight and see what comes next.

At least we have the records, right?

Come back, TOP!! SOS!!

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