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In the incredible 2016 movie Arrival (I shouldn’t have to say spoilers, since it’s been out for a whole dang year, but spoilers in this graf only), Amy Adams’ character saves the world from certain intergalactic war by convincing China’s General Shang to not fire missiles at alien spacecraft. Since the aliens have endowed her with the power to see the future, she not only knows intimate personal details about his life to sway him, but also that we need friendly diplomacy to get through it. It’s really a beautiful piece of sci-fi, quite the meditation on loss, xenophobia, and accepting sheer hell as your fate in exchange for loving someone for a brief time. I’m a big baby who’s welling up just thinking about it.

I bring this up because Tom DeLonge may be Amy Adams in our current, real-life universe. You might think I’m joking, but this is completely serious. Tom would be mad if I wasn’t.


Earlier this week, we issued something of an apology for not taking DeLonge’s decades-long warnings about alien life as seriously as we should have. A recent report from New York Times revealed that a mysterious U.F.O. program within the Pentagon very much exists and has ties to DeLonge’s organization, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. The former Blink-182 member recently spoke to the NY Daily News about all things U.F.O., and doubled down on the fact that his passion could have serious geopolitical (galactopolital?) consequences:

“I know that it’s fun to make snarky comments, but this isn’t the kind of thing to joke about,” DeLonge told the Daily News earlier this month. “This is going to really affect a lot of people and a lot of peoples’ belief systems.”

He adds that this is “only the tip of the spear,” and further “confirmation” of extraterrestrial life is still to come. “All the things (people have) heard about and seen are the first step of 20,” DeLonge said. “There’s a lot more shit coming.”

Including: time travel? He also talks about a To The Stars partner who’s working toward “engineering the space-time metric” with this technology that sounds kind of scary. “It’s like a time machine,” DeLonge said. “You get into this craft and you turn it on — boom! — you’re in China in one minute as a ball of light.” I’ve always wanted to exist as a ball of light.


In the meantime, check out TrackRecord’s official playlist suggestions for aliens, in the event that we make contact and have DeLonge as our chief mediator.

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