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It’s well-established that ex-Blink-182 member and U.S. extraterrestrial ambassador Tom DeLonge’s interest in aliens is a serious endeavor that we should’ve been considering as such for a while. The cosmic organization he heads, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, was the focus of a big New York Times feature last December which shared two official government videos of unidentified aircraft (although it curiously didn’t mention DeLonge by name). On Saturday, To The Stars shared a third video of U.F.O. footage that was captured by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet off the East Coast in 2015. You can watch that below.


The video goes through way too much background for the uninitiated, breaking down nearly every aspect of the display screen. (Which I kind of understand—it’s better to be thorough when engaging with a field that inspires skepticism). Then it gets to the good shit: real-life fighter pilots losing it after they eventually lock on to the unidentified object zipping above the ocean. It’s just a speck on the screen, but it’s clear they don’t perceive it as a threat.

While there will always be cynics of extraterrestrial research, last year’s New York Times report at least confirmed that it’s been of interest to the U.S. government—at least to the tune of $22 million delegated to the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. That DeLonge was able to recruit the guy who led that initiative, Luis Elizondo, for To The Stars, only confirmed that he’s a major player in the field of space exploration. Here’s to more alien videos!

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