This Taylor Swift UPS Commercial Is the Creepiest Thing I've Seen All Day

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Everyone’s been saying that we’re living in The Hunger Games, or an episode of Black Mirror, or the Bad Place, or whatever. Which is dumb. But you know what ... maybe we are:


That, my friends, is a joint advertisement for Taylor Swift’s Reputation and UPS, which has partnered with the pop supernova for her upcoming fifth album. As part of the promotion, you can pre-order the record through UPS’ website, where you’re entered to win premium concert tickets, signed memorabilia, or merchandise from her store. They’re also driving UPS trucks around the country with her album cover plastered on the side. It’s all very creepy.

The commercial in question is a total gushfest, with dozens of fans (and a few UPS employees?) just laying it on thick about how much they love both Taylor and UPS. One fan claims she was all the way on the other side of Georgia upon finding out the Taylormobile was in Atlanta—before dropping all of her plans for the day to drive over there. A UPS employee boldly declares: “Everybody likes Taylor Swift, everybody likes UPS. With the two combined, we’ll make a great power team.”

I saw the Taylor truck around my neighborhood a few weeks ago, with exactly none of this fanfare. Unlike the Chevy commercials which vow that everyone on camera are REAL PEOPLE, UPS doesn’t bother with any disclaimers that these aren’t paid actors reading from a bad script. Swifties are a passionate bunch, no doubt, but I’m not quite sure what makes this fleeting photo op with a UPS truck “very exciting and unexpected,” as one fan describes it. The commercial pans out with an overhead shot of everyone waving and high-fiving.

Perhaps more enticing for the Taylor hive, is what could be a snippet of new music in the commercial. As Vanity Fair points out, one fan account slowed the background music down until a voice that vaguely sounds like Swift sings “rip off the page.” Someone in the TrackRecord Slack channel compared the backing track to something that might appear on Dance Dance Revolution.


Dance Dance Reputation will be in stores and dropped on your doorsteps courtesy of UPS on November 10. It remains to be seen if this thing’s on it:

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