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Ah, those great American pastimes...hitchhiking, running, spelunking, hot air ballooning, donkey-riding, and promoting a new album. Jared Leto, intense acting man and leader of arena rockers Thirty Seconds to Mars, has a new album called America out this Friday with his band, and is trekking across the country in the spirit of his forefathers Forrest Gump, Borat, and YouTube shit-stirrer Logan Paul.


Leto posted a video on Twitter Monday, detailing the journey as he drove through the streets of New York. “We are starting this insane and amazing journey across the country, Mars Across America...I guess I’m the representative here for the band,” he said through a nervous smile, as I felt pity for the other two martian men who probably have a Rolodex of excuses to get out of Leto’s stunts. The journey’s set to wrap up on Friday in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles, after Leto’s made his way across the country, performed some impromptu street gigs and handed out genetic testing kits from 23andMe to fans.


While he was still in New York on Monday, Leto stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to get things started. (New York to L.A., you know, the real America.) Fallon, on giddy autopilot, played along with Leto’s bit (the singer-actor was lost on the sixth floor of 30 Rock, Fallon helped him get back down to street level). Leto wanted to make sure no one doubted his intention to ride a donkey through the Grand Canyon. “I’m actually doing this, this isn’t a gag,” he promised. After sending rats, bullets, a dead hog, anal beads, and maybe even used condoms to his Suicide Squad castmates, how could we ever doubt the man?

Here’s to you, Leto. May you find the America you’re looking for!

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