There's A Japanese Cryptrocurrency Girl Group Now (Are Bitcoin Bands the Future?)

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The future is here: Bitcoin and other various cryptocurrencies are securing a place in music.


Japanese girl group Kasotsuka Shojo, which translates to “Virtual Currency Girls,” in English, is working to bridge the worlds of cryptocurrencies and music. The new pop group features eight members, each woman representing a different kind of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple—though it’s next to impossible to determine which cryptocurrency corresponds to which member. This is just the beginning—maybe they’ll release a track dedicated to each currency so fans won’t be confused?

Kasotsuka Shojo just released their first song “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me,” a truly joyous bop that serves to “warn against warn against fraudulent operators and urge people to make sure of their online security,” according to Agence France-Presse.


A pop group striving to inform fans about cyber securities might seem a bit strange—especially when each singer is supposed to represent a different ephemeral digital currency—but you can’t bash ‘em for being educational.

There certainly seems to be an interest in digital money entering the music space: On Tuesday, a new smart speaker, powered by the Musicoin cryptocurrency, called Volareo hit the market, promising to pay musicians with its digital tender. It’s worth noting, too, that Kasotsuka Shojo aren’t the first musical act to dabble in cryptocurrencies: Björk, in promotion of her 2017 album, Utopia, offered Audiocoins to those who bought it through her website.


Kasotsuka Shojo will make their live debut Friday in Tokyo. How can fans expect to buy tickets? Exclusively through cryptocurrencies, of course.

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