There Are Consequences for Kicking People, Queens of the Stone Age Guy

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Update (12.14, 3:11 p.m.): Queens of the Stone Age did not perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, as originally scheduled. It’s unclear if the band pulled out of the performance, or if the Ellen team shut it down—neither party has released a statement about the cancellation.

Original Story (12.13, 2:41 p.m.): Despite how much progress has been made in such a short period of time when it comes to holding abusers accountable and believing allegations of wrongdoing, there’s still so much that goes overlooked on the basis of no concrete evidence and disputed or ignored accusations. An alleged pedophile came within roughly 20,000 votes of becoming a U.S. Senator last night. A man who allegedly runs an abusive sex cult and has had abusive relationships with teenagers still tours the world with few repercussions. But in the case of Josh Homme, the Queens of the Stone Age frontman who was filmed kicking a female photographer in the face over the weekend, the evidence has been pretty unmistakable.


Not that it has ever been enough to sink a career, but he’s starting to face some actual consequences: The BBC children’s network CBeebies has suspended Homme and will not air two remaining segments he filmed for their series Bedtime Stories, as the Telegraph reports. One of his episodes has already been aired and a spokesperson for BBC told the Telegraph that it won’t be replayed “until the matter is resolved,” whatever that means.

Pitchfork also notes that Homme and Queens of the Stone Age are scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres show tomorrow, but it’s unclear if the performance is still going to happen.

Homme released a pair of underwhelming apologies immediately following the incident, opening with the remarkable cop-out of being “lost in performance” and kicking equipment that happened to include “a camera held by photographer Chelsea Lauren.” Then he posted a slightly more forthcoming video, in which he owned up to being “a total dick.” He tells Lauren, “I’m gonna have to figure out some stuff... I understand you have to do whatever you have to do.” Should whatever Lauren has to do include pressing charges—she already told Variety that she intends to file a police report—then Homme could potentially be fined or jailed for assault.

We’ve reached out to a representative for Queens of the Stone Age and will update this post if we hear back.

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