Listen, I’m all for actors trying their hand at music—it’s certainly panning out well for the Stranger Things kids, and Jared Leto makes most of his income from his rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars, not his films. (Crazy! I know! That band is huge, even though their annual camp is...not great.) It has come to my attention that David Duchovny, you and I know him as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder in the beloved alien-positive program the X-Files, (or the more contemporary Showtime comedy-drama series Californication, though I’ve yet to meet a human who actually watches that) has a band. And not only that! He’s getting ready to put out his second solo LP this Friday, February 9.


The record is titled Every Third Thought, which leads me to believe Duchovny is in love, or something. That’s always a solid place to write music from, right? Like, someone’s on your mind all the time, every third thought of it? If the album is anything like his last LP, 2015's Hell or Highwater, it will prove to be surprisingly good. I’d say if you’re into dad-friendly alt-rockers Wilco or, like, R.E.M. and even Bob Dylan, you’re gonna love musical Mulder.

Give “Hell of Highwater” a spin above and decide for yourself.

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