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I...think Post Malone’s “Rockstar” is awful. No offense to Mr. Post, but his soulless drone, monotone production and vapid lyrics make the song a cringe-inducing listen, despite its immense popularity. The American public doesn’t agree with me (nor do they have to) because the song sat at No. 1 on the Billboard charts for eight weeks, until recently knocked off by Ed Sheeran’s and Beyoncé’s “Perfect” duet. Now, Post Malone is trying to reclaim the top slot with his own Latin remix featuring budding reggaeton star Ozuna and veteran Nicky Jam.


Nicky Jam introduces the track as the “Spanish remix” before assuming Post Malone’s role of moaning the song’s chorus—in Spanish—and shifting staccato rap flow. The original song’s apathetic quality came not only from its lackadaisical production, but from Post Malone and 21 Savage’s lack of dynamism. Nicky Jam and Ozuna don’t reach far outside that range, but a few Ozuna’s ad-libs give the song a sorely needed spark.

While “Rockstar” certainly isn’t going anywhere, do yourself and your friends a favor and check out this remix before replaying the original:

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