The Jonas Brothers Shouldn't Reunite, Calm Down

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Those who’ve yet to accept the warm embrace of K-Pop (seriously, what is wrong with you?) might sense a severe lack of English and/or American boy bands these days, post-One Direction. A new generation of accented floppy-haired boys are around, they’re just not great, which is why reunion chatter is unavoidable. The whole, ‘If we can’t have some new stuff, let’s bring back the old stuff we know works!’ approach, which is part of the reason a bunch of people are hyped for the Jonas Brothers to get back together, which is very much a thing that shouldn’t happen.

It all started Monday night when fans of the band noticed that JB might’ve (yes, might have) reactivated their Instagram account. It’s sort of impossible to know, and they haven’t posted anything since 2013, but hey, it’s here and you can look at it. Some additional snooping reveals that the band of brothers were together on Monday night, too—surprising because they’re busy boys—Nick Jonas has an uber successful (and sexy, don’t hate) solo career, Joe Jonas fronts a dancepop band called DNCE, who gave the world the delightful summer slammer “Cake by the Ocean” in 2015, and didn’t Kevin Jonas have a kid or something? Honestly I’m just shocked I remember his name.


Perhaps the most convincing tidbit is that Tommy Wiseau, the mastermind behind the beloved cult film The Room (you know, the guy James Franco probably exploited for his Golden Globe award winning 2017 film The Disaster Artist) met the talented trio and told them to get back together:

Oh, and 2018 is the 10 year anniversary of the JoBros’ third LP, A Little Bit Longer, their first to reach No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Whatever, the only really great track on that bad boy is “Burnin’ Up.”

So, my friends, is a Jonas Brothers reunion imminent? Probably not, like I said: the dudes have a lot going on, all of which includes a total abandonment of the sweet, Disney-tinged punky-pop radio rock that made the Jonas Brothers so darn lovable. Also, like, they just shouldn’t? As we’ve seen from stars of other genres associated with youth (looking at you, pop-punk world and more specifically, Paramore’s Hayley Williams,) asking artists to relive their teens kinda sucks. I’m not who I was a decade ago, and you aren’t either. So if they do get back together, it’s probably a quick cash play. My boys, keep the ol’ boy band past in the past! You worked so hard to grow up in the public eye, stay the fuck there!

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