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The Grammy Awards are dumb. The Recording Academy only has itself to blame for its annual event, made lackluster by a series of dangerous missteps—like requesting minority performers address our current, contentious political climate while failing to award those same talents, like telling women to “step up” if they’d like to be recognized for their work, like setting up a “task force” to address the same issues they themselves are guilty of perpetuating...the list goes on and on. I know the Grammys suck, you know the Grammys suck, and it looks like we can add five-time Grammy-nominated R&B singer SZA to those who recognize the crappiness of the institution. In conversation with GQ, SZA discussed her initial excitement over her Grammys noms, how it felt to get snubbed, and the process of realizing that award shows don’t mean shit.


When asked about public reaction to her award show snubs—people were outraged—SZA was gracious, telling the magazine:

“I didn’t imagine this album [2017's Ctrl] doing much anyway. I was so grateful to even have been honored by being nominated and having so many people fuck with my music. I feel like at some point you start to get sucked up into the accolades and you’re like, Oh, this is what this is about, and this is what quantifies my success or me as an artist or a human being.”


That’s right! But let’s be real, SZA isn’t above human emotion, and added that even if she recognizes the limitations of award show culture, she was still “mad as hell” to lose.

The Grammys don’t deserve SZA, anyway.

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