The Chainsmokers Are Your New Alt-Rock Bro-teurs

The Chainsmokers are pivoting hard into alt-rock in the vein of radio-friendly hit-makers Twenty One Pilots with their new single: “You Owe Me.” According to Genius, the song is about suicide and depression, and listening to lead singer Andrew Taggert on the chorus, you get that: “You don’t know me/ Don’t you think that I get lonely?/ It gets dark inside my head/ Check my pulse and if I’m dead, you owe me.”


But if you were to just watch the music video, you might think that Taggert, co-bro Alex Pall and the visual’s director Rory Kramer finally got around to seeing Darren Aronofsky’s film treatise on climate change and being a bad boyfriend to Jennifer Lawrence, mother!, and decided to just go for it, to make a music video as an homage to the most overblown dinner party from hell. The visual is filled with still shots of Taggert mopping, doing the dishes and singing with a straight face at the camera, while Pall runs around, also cleaning up. The house they live in is 1.) beautiful and 2.) seems too big for them, but oh ho hoooo, it holds a deep, dark secret! I won’t ruin it for you, but when the bros’ guests come over, it’s clear they won’t be coming back. (‘Cause they die.)

Watch it above.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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