The Cardi B and Bruno Mars Music Video for "Finesse" Is Truly a Blessing

When I heard that Cardi B and Bruno Mars were releasing a song together, my initial reaction was something like: What took them so long? The pairing feels so perfect, so natural—he, maker of hits; she, maker of the most important hit of 2017, “Bodak Yellow”—that I’m honestly surprised no one thought to put those two in a room together sooner. The point here is that it happened, they really did it, and their remix of Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” from his 2016 LP 24K Magic does not disappoint.


The two are having wayyyy too much fun in the music video (which dropped around midnight on Thursday), dancing and rapping and spray-painting without a care in the world. It’s a real ass blast from the past; Cardi B and Bruno Mars could have been extras in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song with their ‘90s-inspired outfits, hoop earrings, gold chains, and dance moves. One of Bruno Mars’ backup dancers was definitely dressed to look like a young Will Smith, too, (starting at the 0:33 mark and kicking it throughout the entirety of the vid.) I appreciate that level of attention to detail.

Let’s hope this song lasts until the start of summer, or at least results in a couple more collaborations between the two. Watch the video above.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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