Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ teenaged sister who is very much going to be a thing you will need to know about soon enough (mostly because she has bangers and a history of problematic collaborations) teamed up with Danish pop powerhouse MØ for a new single called “We Are...” I’m on play, like, seven right now, because it’s so goddamn good in a low-stakes, Nickelodeon kind of way (save for the lyrical coda of “We are fucked.”) Oh, and at one point Noah sings “Thank god it’s the weekend,” and guess what? It is the weekend! Thank god!


If you’re in desperate need for harmless teen pop tune-age that at one point literally references “my squad” and “Starbucks” and “being young,” look no further. I imagine this pairs well with a shitty Uber pool ride and a few too many hard lemonades.


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