Terrorizer Magazine Is Dead

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After 24 years of publication, U.K. metal outlet Terrorizer Magazine is no more, Metal Sucks reports. Unlike NME, another English mag that announced it would cease the print edition of their magazine a little over a week ago (and after 66 years) TM’s death has been slow and relatively silent. No official announcement has been made, but the signs are there: The website hasn’t been updated since December 8 last year, it’s official Twitter account hasn’t been active since December 18 and the magazine revealed “production problems” in September 2017Terrorizer continued to auto-bill subscribers for renewals even though there hasn’t been a new issue since.

Apparently that’s only the icing on a shit cake: According to Metal Sucks, contributors to the magazine have been completely left out of the conversation. One writer, Joe Thrashnkill, explained:

“Spoke to the Reviews Editor at the end of January/start of February, when he took it upon himself to email all the regular contributors just to apologize and say that he was just as much in the dark as the rest of us. He’d been doing a bang up job trying to keep things going and keep things afloat to be honest, and had even made sure that all the reviews and EOTY lists for December got done… only, for whatever reason, the issue never got published.”


Ouch. It’s certainly hard to eulogize something that’s kept the people who made it great in the dark while screwing over its loyal subscribers, but this certainly feels like another blow to the print music media industry. If hyper-niche publications fueled by enthusiastic fans can’t keep magazines afloat, who can?

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