“Gucci Gang” rapper and infamous Instagram shit-starter Lil Pump just signed a hefty recording contract—featuring a cool $8 million advance—with major label Warned Bros., according to Billboard. The rapper backed out of a contract with Warner late last year, presumably because it was signed when he was a 16-year-old minor. There was, however, no reason made public as to why Pump and his team backed out only to re-sign a few months later—Pump is still a minor at 17—but he’s certainly loaded now!


His new Warner deal arrives after reports of a major label bidding war over the 17-year-old rapper’s contract, and serves to prove that Pump, love him or hate him, is probably not going anywhere anytime soon. And I mean probably...

According to a report from TMZ, the $8 mill advance is a lot of fast money that might not translate into any sort of sustainability—Pump will receive 14% of all royalties made on his music in the United States, which means the money ranked in from your constant “Gucci Gang” streaming mostly goes to Warner Bros., not Pump’s pockets. Such a large advance can certainly encourage reckless spending, so let’s hop the guy saves, invests, and doesn’t crash a Porsche. If he does that, this contract means Lil Pump is going to be a music industry force to reckon with for a while.

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