Taylor Swift Is Alt Now

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Every once in a while your favorite pop stars will share a “personalized” playlist on their favorite streaming service (given how little Spotify pays its talent, probably not “favorite-favorite.”) The result is often something like a completely heartless mixtape, but it does give us a sense of what they might actually like to listen to (again, take it with a grain of salt.) Enter Taylor Swift, whose new album era (2017's Reputation) bad girl posturing translates directly into a Spotify ‘Songs Taylor Loves’ playlist that is, well, much more alternative than we’ve seen from Swiftie before.


Excluding the two tracks of blatant self-promotion, “Delicate” and the Future x Ed Sheeran banger “End Game” (of course Taylor Swift’s favorite songs of the moment would include some of her own,) the 43-track audio journey is really quite eclectic. There’s some predictability, sure, in TS co-signing BFFs like Camila Cabello and Lady Antebellum, but who knew the singer was into up-and-comers like rapper Bazzi, or indie darlings Bombargo, or country-folksters LANCO. There’s actual opportunity for discovery here, which is a cool and beautiful thing that’s far too rare in the, well, playlist-era of music listening. Huh.

Check it out below.

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