Taylor Swift Drinks Now, FYI

Reputation, Taylor Swift’s 2017 album, was her bad-girl magnum opus, the document with which she told the world, “LOOK, I’m hard now.” It would follow then, that one of her first music videos off her sixth studio album was made in the same vein. In the visual for “End Game,” she stalks around and aggressively sings at the camera in Miami, Tokyo, and London, joined by rapper Future, Ed Sheeran, and a gaggle of New Year’s Eve partiers, respectively. As you’re watching, it’s unclear who she’s chasing and who’s chasing her, but that’s the whole point: The New Taylor is here for a good time, not a long time, duh.


And unlike the Old Taylor, the New Taylor drinks now: At the New Year’s Eve party, she cheers with champagne, cheers with beer, has a friend put a drink to lips while she texts—wait, she’s not texting anyone, she’s playing a Snake-esque video game? (Oh my god, enough with the snake metaphors!) At the end of the night, they all get food that kind of looks like burritos. Subtext: Tay and her friends are wasted! So risque! Hopefully this doesn’t alienate her conservative Republican fanbase.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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