Taylor Swift Believes You

Via Mark Davis/Getty Images
Via Mark Davis/Getty Images

Today Time announced their person of the year for 2017, “The Silence Breakers.” The cover is dedicated to the men and women who’ve come forward to share personal stories of sexual assault in the workplace. One of the survivors included in the piece was Taylor Swift, who granted the magazine the first interview since her trial against David Mueller, a Denver country radio DJ who grabbed her butt during a 2013 photoshoot.


Outside of her testimony during the trial, this is Swift’s first public mention of the case. She expressed her frustration at the court hearing to Time. “I was angry,” said Swift. “This man hadn’t considered any formalities when he assaulted me, and his lawyer didn’t hold back on my mom—why should I be polite?” The singer also mentioned having a conversation with Kesha about how best to handle the court process, as the “Tik Tok” singer continues to battle her own case against former producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, who she alleges abused her for years.

Swift’s statements ring loud within the music industry, where 2000+ women in the Swedish music industry recently signed an open letter calling out sexism. The are certain corners of the industry dedicated to pushing back against artists like Brand New and Ducktails, who’ve admitted guilt in to their particular allegations, but in other spaces a rapper like XXXTentacion can still appear on a magazine cover despite the very serious charges against him. A lot of inward soul searching needs to keep happening within our community. There is a lot of work to be done.

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