"Suck It, Drake and Taylor Swift" - Ed Sheeran's Global Sales

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Ed Sheeran is a big deal, and no one sells or ranks in streams quite like him. Not even Drake and Taylor Swift. Suck it, Drake and Taylor Swift.


The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), a non-profit that represents the recording industry, announced that Sheeran’s most recent album, ÷, (pronounced “Divide”) , was 2017’s best-selling, globally. It’s gone multi-Platinum in 36 markets worldwide. His single, the inescapable “Shape of You,” outsold every other single by a goddamn landslide, globally. This is an accomplishment, the IFPI assures, that no single artist in the history of the world has ever accomplished. Sheeran is untouchable!

Sheeran beat out Drake (who topped the list in 2016) and Taylor Swift (same, in 2014) for the top spot, and a handful of other folks who honestly deserve to sell more than Sheeran, the artistic alpha and omega. Check out the list below, and all hail Ed, our new god.



1.) Ed Sheeran
2.) Drake
3.) Taylor Swift
4.) Kendrick Lamar
5.) Eminem
6.) Bruno Mars
7.) The Weeknd
8.) Imagine Dragons
9.) Linkin Park
10.) The Chainsmokers

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