Southwest Airlines' Plan to Host In-Flight Concerts Sounds Like My Personal Hell

I love music. I love sitting inside of giant metal boxes, hurling through the air at hundreds of miles per hour. I love looking out of airplane windows and seeing all the majesty of creation below me. I don’t love loud sounds in cramp spaces. I especially don’t love loud sounds while I’m sitting in a giant metal box hurling itself through the air at hundreds of miles per hour.

Sadly, it seems Southwest Airlines doesn’t understand this, because on Thursday, Billboard announced a partnership between Warner Music Nashville and Southwest Airlines to provide tiny in-flight concerts. According to Billboard, the concert series (called Live at 35) dates back to 2011—so for the past six years, Southwest Airlines has forced horrible live performances onto passengers in hopes of a sparking a faux viral moment.


I don’t even like when there’s a person watching an in-flight movie next to me, so an actual mini-concert at the front of the plane is a fairly large personal affront. But even more when the point isn’t to enjoy the music, but to capture the moment on your phone and share it online, as free “organic” promotion, that’s only organic in that you can’t escape it, because you’re on a plane.

Personally, I may just stop flying altogether just to avoid any chance of being tricked into an inescapable ad for an airline.

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