Some Maniac Said "Gucci Gang" 1 Million Times for Charity

YouTube: It’s the Wild West for teens to make and lose careers from dumb shit, but sometimes that dumb shit works toward a legitimately righteous cause. Take YouTuber Graham the Christian, who really didn’t have to say “Gucci Gang,” the title of young rapper Lil Pump’s irresistible breakout hit, one million times during a livestream for charity, but he did it anyway. More power to him!


“Over 15 consecutive days I said the words ‘Gucci Gang’ on livestream 1,000,000 times, usually for more than 17 hours a day,” reads the opening text on his YouTube excerpt of the stream. “All of the money raised from this stream went to Red Nose Day—a charity that combats child poverty in the United States. Collectively, we raised over $10,000.” You can watch a 15-minute segment above, which is totally not recommended. (By god, I’ve been watching for eight minutes at this point and slowly feel myself going insane and may never want to hear “Gucci Gang” ever again...damn.)

To his credit, Graham is something of a stickler when it comes to clarity. He stops at one point to take a breather: “I want to say it as correctly as I can, as distinguishable as I can.” Once he really gets going, it does kind of sound like “good game, good game, good game,” as my Little League team would be forced to say to our rivals after they throttled us 13-0.

And like most every other YouTuber, it looks like my guy might use this viral success to enter the real music game. Graham the Christian has two parody songs on Spotify, including “Meme Stealer,” which features cover art that parodies Lil Pump’s own. Let’s go ahead and expect some original tracks from him in the future, because, come on, that’s obviously the next step.


Who knows, maybe he’ll have a chart topping single in a few years! For now, he’ll be known as the guy who did something great by doing something super fucking annoying. That’s enough.

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