Via YouTube/SNL/NBC Universal
Via YouTube/SNL/NBC Universal

I miss Kanye. Despite reports of Kanye recording off in the mountains of Wyoming, rap’s most controversial figure has impressively remained out of the public eye for much of 2017. The last time he was vocal in public, he was pledging support of Donald Trump. But everyone makes mistakes—Kanye especially—so please forgive me for wanting to see him back in the spotlight.


On Saturday night, Saturday Night Live riffed on Kanye’s reclusiveness in a parody of various E! television shows. He was portrayed by new cast member Chris Redd for the faux-reality series “Where’s Kanye?” In the clip, Redd attempts to avoid the spotlight by hiding behind a plant, curtains, and whatever could potentially obscure the camera.

Kanye, who made rare appearances on Keeping Up With Kardashians, eventually asked to be kept out of the show. But the brief sketch was enough to make me open my phone and text random numbers: “I miss Kanye.

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