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A whole bunch of entertainment industry creeps have been exposed in the last two weeks, and it’s offered women a chance to remind men everywhere that sexual misconduct is their problem to fix. Unfortunately, it seems some people haven’t gotten the message; in the early hours of Thursday morning, Lindsey Jordan, the singer and guitarist of promising lo-fi rock band Snail Mail, wrote about an upsetting experience that took place after a show Wednesday night.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, Beach Fossils, the band currently on tour with Snail Mail, implied that Jordan had to fend off some unwanted behavior after their Minneapolis show. “GUYS: QUIT. BEING. CREEPS. I will fight anybody who tries to be weird with @Snailmailband. Lucky you left the venue before I found you,” the band tweeted.


Jordan issued her own statement on Instagram: “PSA: it sucks that I even have to make this post, but some lame shit went down tonight ((other than my phone getting stolen)) and it unfortunately wasn’t an isolated experience.” She doesn’t go into details about the incident, but writes that this particular case was egregious enough to post about. “Sick of experiencing stuff like this and sick of seeing other women in bands dealing with the same things. Don’t treat women like shit and don’t let your friends treat women like shit”

We’ve reached out to representatives for Snail Mail and Beach Fossils, and will update this post if we hear back.


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