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One can’t send tweets from beyond the grave. Well, that was the world we were all living in until earlier this morning. Shawty Lo, who died last fall in a car accident, tweeted out a kind note in support of the Miami wedding of Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’ior.


The tweet wasn’t too elaborate, perhaps wifi in the afterlife is a bit spotty, but it certainly was a nice gesture from the former Atlanta rapper. Fans of Shawty Lo, who for some reason still follow his Twitter account, were taken aback by the tweet. Many replied with surprised reaction .gifs and personally, I loved this one:


Demons are bad. Shawty Lo isn’t a demon—if he’s part of Satan’s army, please do email me—but maybe it’s best to just let the dead remain, even if their heavenly heart is in the right place.

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