Sharon Osbourne Gave Her Best Friend 50 Cent His Super Cool "Fiddy" Nickname

via Sharon Osbourne’s Instagram

There are a lot of ways to accidentally present yourself as a total nerd in public, the easiest is phonetically pronouncing 50 Cent as “Fifty Cent.” I’ve certainly said it like that before, but for most people even vaguely familiar with the rapper, it’s “Fiddy.” The thing is, it actually hasn’t always been that way, and we owe Sharon Osbourne credit for the name change.

Thursday night, 50 Cent appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (just one night shy of crossing paths with indie rock hero Julien Baker, what a shame) to promote his new Gerard Butler gun movie, Den of Thieves. The segment started with a discussion on how you should pronounce his name. “I’m not cool and all, so I can’t call you Fiddy,” Colbert told the rapper. “But if I call you Fifty Cent, I’m going to seem way too square. So I’m thinking, maybe, Half Dollar Jackson?”


After the laughter, 50 revealed that Osbourne, former reality star/America’s Got Talent judge/Smashing Pumpkins manager/voice of reason, is responsible for his most popular pronunciation. “Sharon Osbourne gave me that nickname, ‘Fiddy Cent.’ That’s how she says it... And it’s been that ever since,” he told Colbert.

The question becomes...where/how/when did they met and how close are they, exactly? Friendship is such a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

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