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Since the news broke late last month that Sade would release her first new track in seven years for Disney’s upcoming A Wrinkle in Time flick, I’ve beseeched my personal lord and savior (and AWIT star) Oprah to answer one simple question: Uh, when can we, the mere mortal public, hear it?


Looks like those prayers have been answered—Sade is back, baby! On Monday night, the R&B icon made her return to the mainstream when veteran rap producer No I.D. posted the audio for “Flowers of the Universe,” Sade’s comeback track. Hear it below:


The song is...good. Sade can’t do wrong, and even typing “wrong” near her name feels, well, wrong. Still, for her first song in so long, it’s only good? Just fine? Instead of playing to her intimate strengths, the song’s mood is distant—the instrumentation is largely lifeless and I’m gonna go ahead and blame this on No I.D. and not Sade for that, because I can.

That isn’t to take away from her always incredible vocal performance, it’s just that the R&B singer deserves more for her comeback single. But new Sade is better no Sade, so I’ll happily put this on repeat the rest of the day. Bye!

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