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In November 2017, a woman named Suzie Hardy sent a letter through her attorney to the TV channel E!—Hardy had worked as Ryan Seacrest’s personal stylist when he hosted E! News—detailing various instances of sexual harassment and assault she endured while working for Seacrest. In the letter, Hardy and her attorney asked E!, part of NBCUniversal, to “come up with a plan to address the treatment of all women at the networks and to take responsibility for the wrongful treatment.” If the company couldn’t do that, then they would take “formal action.”


Hardy has done just that, by filing a report with the Los Angeles Police Department following an inconclusive third-party investigation E! launched into the stylist’s claims. “Sadly, NBC did not interview 10 of the witnesses I provided, including my therapist and my boyfriend at the time,” Hardy writes in a new The Hollywood Reporter column explaining her decision.

THR confirmed “a police report has been filed and the case is being investigated.” Hardy adds in her column: “All I wanted was an apology, some validation and some real action to protect women in the workplace.”


Before E!’s investigation concluded (Seacrest discussed the news in a column for THR titled “What Happened After I Was Wrongly Accused of Harassment”), the press hadn’t used Hardy’s name in any coverage of the allegations. She went public in February, detailing the alleged abuse she endured in several interviews to Variety. Seacrest called the story “salacious” and said he had not been interviewed for the story. But in her column announcing the police report, Hardy says “Ryan chose to take this public, not me.”

She writes:

“Ryan is not a victim; he is the instigator and the assaulter. He did everything I asserted in my original HR report and in my private letter to him and E! in November. Everyone in Hollywood who stands by Ryan now is choosing not to believe me. That includes every guest on his shows, every studio and network that does business with him, every celebrity who talks to him on a red carpet. Know that this is a choice you are making.”


Seacrest’s attorney said “Seacrest has denied any inappropriate behavior, calling the claims ‘reckless allegations.’” Read the full column here.

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