Russell Simmons Hits Back at Woman Who Accused Him of Rape, Denies Allegations

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Russell Simmons has been avoiding the public eye for the last few months, following allegations of sexual assault or rape from multiple women that span decades of his career. On Wednesday, he addressed the accusations from one of these women: Jennifer Jarosik, a yoga instructor who sued against Simmons for sexual assault and battery in January. In a court document first reported on by TMZ, Simmons argues that any sex he and Jarosik had was consensual, and that the rape charge is made up.


“On the occasions when Mr. Jarosik and Mr. Simmons had sex, it was with Ms. Jarosik’s full consent,” the document reads. Jarosik and Simmons were “casual acquaintances,” it states, and their relationship was largely “one-sided,” with Jarosik asking Simmons more than once for money to fund various film projects. Moreover, Jarosik alleged that Simmons raped her but also offered to “help restore his ‘image’ with women” if Simmons agreed to fund one of her film projects.

In the document, Simmons’ attorneys also point out Jarosik’s correspondence with Simmons after the alleged assault as evidence that “it appears that Ms. Jarosik was interested in having a closer relationship with Mr. Simmons and that she wanted his assistance with her professional endeavors.” They also point to her calling him “babe” in their correspondence, and that she sent him unsolicited nude photos after her alleged assault.


Simmons’ attorneys argue Jarosik’s judgement should not be trusted:

“In various court proceedings over the past six years, Ms. Jarosik has been found by a court: (1) to have a “propensity to exaggerate”; (2) to suffer from “untreated mental health issues,” and (3) to be “unfit to properly parent” her young son. Those very same qualities are evident in Ms. Jarosik’s Complaint, which is filled with lies against Mr. Simmons, who has only ever tried to help her.”


Jarosik’s attorney told TMZ: “Ms. Jarosik is a loving mother and a good parent and her parenting abilities have no relevance in this matter.”

In the complaint she filed against him in January, Jarosik accuses Simmons of inviting her to his home in Los Angeles, asking her for sex (to which she replied “no”), and then pushing her onto his bed, knocking her off, and proceeding to rape her. “Defendant pounced on her while she was still in shock and fear,” it reads. Jarosik sought $5 million for punitive and exemplary damages.


In his answer to her complaint, Simmons demanded a trial by jury.

You can read the full answer to Jarosik’s complaint below.

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