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Russell Simmons, who was previously “closed for spiritual maintenance” following numerous sexual assault allegations against him and news of a potential police investigation, is back in L.A., and back to publicly denying the claims against him. TMZ caught Simmons leaving the trendy restaurant Craig’s in West Hollywood, and lobbed a couple of softball questions at the the Def Jam Records label head in a video released Sunday.


“Russ, how was Bali, man, did you get your mind right?” asks the man behind the camera, referring to Simmons’ recent trip out of the states, which Page Six reported on last month and which the music mogul alluded to on his Instagram account. “Oh it was good, it was good,” said Simmons, visibly uncomfortable fielding questions as he headed to his car. “It’s really good to get away,” he added, “to just get outside of the bubble, you know what I mean? See new shit.”

How does Simmons think that all of these allegations against him will play out? He gave the following answer: “I don’t have a stitch of violence in me. I would never hurt anybody. And I’ve never had any violence in me. But you know, it’s a difficult time for everybody.”


Indeed. At the end of the video, Simmons shares a kiss with his date inside his car, and the paparazzi lose it. Watch here.

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