Queen remains an ideal for a classic rock band. The pomp, the theatrics; whenever rappers talk about wanting to be a ā€œrockstar,ā€ they certainly owe a little something to Freddie Mercury and his legendary band. On Tuesday, Bryan Singer, the director of the upcoming Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, shared a photo of the filmā€™s lead, Rami Malek, embodying some of that ā€œrockstarā€ persona.

Malek looks the part here, shirtless and pumping one fist in the airā€”although that leaves the question of how good his singing, dancing, and acting will be when the movie comes out in December 2018. Last month, someone leaked footage of Malek during a rehearsal of Mercuryā€™s iconic 1985 Live Aid performance, and while the singing in the video may or may not have been Malekā€™s own (the movie will use recordings of Mercury as well as Malekā€™s vocals), his looks and dance moves were on point.

Singerā€™s snapshot from yesterday inspires a similar confidence. Bohemian Rhapsody should hopefully be decent; Singer, who also directed X-Men, usually makes fairly watchable films.

Singer has been accused of sexually assaulting and abusing young men at various points throughout his career, and although nothing ever came of those allegations, his predatory behavior has been considered to be an open secretā€”something Jordan Sargent reported at Gawker years ago. Earlier this week, on Monday, Ira Madison III wrote about the allegations against Singer (and other) allegations for the Daily Beast, in a piece titled ā€œHollywoodā€™s Other ā€˜Open Secretā€™ Besides Harvey Weinstein: Preying on Young Boysā€. In this political climate, when more women and men in the entertainment industry are coming forward with stories of sexual assault, it wouldnā€™t be surprising if Singer comes under more scrutiny.