R. Kelly's Associate Reportedly Robbed His Homes & Sold Everything

via Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Two of R. Kelly’s homes in the metropolitan Atlanta area were broken into and stolen from while the R&B singer was on tour, according to a report from local news channel WSB-TV’s Mike Petchenik.

Petchenik writes that Kelly’s maid discovered the theft when she entered one of his rented homes and found it “cleaned out” back in November. Everything from “couches to tables and even the singer’s diamond-encrusted hoodie” was gone. Officers searched that residence and Kelly’s other home and found televisions, couches, chairs, tables, and more missing there, too.


Neighbors told Petchenik that they saw vans outside of Kelly’s home for a week.

The police believe that the suspect, Alfonso Walker, who apparently works with Kelly, is selling off the singer’s belongings. SPIN notes that Walker missed a December 5 appointment to turn himself in, and is now on the run. Perhaps Walker was aware of the heinous abuse allegations leveled against his employer and thought to take action.

If you have any information about Walker, Kelly, or his blinged-out leisurewear, please contact me at frida@trackrecord.net.

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