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R. Kelly has been evicted from two of his rental homes in Johns Creek, a northeastern suburb of Atlanta, according to court documents reviewed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The 51-year-old R&B singer reportedly hadn’t been making rent on his homes: According to the Journal-Constitution, Kelly was paying $3,000/month for one of the properties and $11,542/month for the other. He now owes more than $31,000 to SB Property Management Global, LLC. Neither R. Kelly’s team nor the management company had a comment when asked by the Journal-Constitution.

The Journal-Constitution points out that R. Kelly currently rents a third home in the same suburb, and that house is the one where he has reportedly been holding women hostage in an abusive cult, according to a BuzzFeed investigation by veteran music journalist Jim DeRogatis, who was been covering R. Kelly and the many allegations of sexual misconduct against him for years.

This is not the first time R. Kelly has run into problems with his Atlanta homes. According to the paper, the two residences are the same that were robbed clean of everything back in December, and they are also, as described by local news channel WSB-TV, freakin’ mansions. (Okay, WSB-TV called just them mansions, but I think all mansions deserve to be called “freaking’ mansions.” Just want to be clear here.) What’s more: Apparently the man who stole from R. Kelly was an associate.

We will update this story as more information is revealed.

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