R.I.P. Slayer

via Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Are there riffs in heaven?

On Monday, thrash metal heroes Slayer shared a video on their official YouTube page (below) announcing their final tour, The End is Near..., the band’s last hoorah after nearly three decades in the game.


If you’re not a metal person, you probably know them for their heavy metal iconography and logo (as made a modern fashion staple a la Kendall Jenner, who we can assume has never taken a listen to “Raining Blood”) or the famed Slayer chant (exactly what it sounds like—a “Slayer, Slayer” audience war cry before and during their raucous gigs). They’ve certainly done more in their career—12 full-length albums worth of more—but hey, to each their own. Take a listen to their discography, especially if you’re into Satan, guitars, and don’t really care about possible white supremacy connotations.

I assume not all the shows are like this, but the last time I saw Slayer was a few years back at the now-defunct Mayhem Festival (similar to the traveling emo festival Warped Tour—even run by the same folks and sponsored by RockStar Energy Drink—but for music fans who can legally purchase Bud Lights and who wear shirts with slogans like “I love white girls” and “Fuck Kanye”). It was not the best scene. But if you’re into that kinda stuff, I suggest you question the internalized racism apparent at big metal gigs before buying those farewell tour tickets. Just a thought!

R.I.P. Slayer.

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