Quincy Jones Is Pissed Off at the Whole World

Via Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

On Wednesday, Vulture ran a completely batshit interview with legendary record producer Quincy Jones, producing a few damning and certainly memorable quotes: Beatles (“They were the worst musicians in the world”), Donald Trump (“He’s a crazy motherfucker”), and Michael Jackson (“Greedy, man. Greedy”). T-Pain, the singer behind “Buy U a Drink” and “All I Do Is Win,” was also dissed by Jones, and unlike the others named, decided to respond to it.

Jones described working with T-Pain on his 2010 album, Soul Bossa Nostra, with some choice language:

“I was not in favor of doing it, but the rappers wanted to record something as a tribute to me, where they’d do versions of songs that I’d done over my career. I said to them, ‘Look, you got to make the music better than we did on the originals.’ That didn’t happen. T-Pain, man, he didn’t pay attention to the details.”


The wild thing is, T-Pain actually agreed with Jones’ statement, but added a bit of background to their collaboration on Twitter. T-Pain explained that he went into the collaboration with cold feet and only did it because of pressure from his managers:


Now that the full story is out there, it appears that this is just a classic case of miscommunication. It wasn’t that T-Pain didn’t care about the details, it’s that he cared too much—he was worried about potentially ruining the legacy of a great song. Maybe next time they’ll get it right.

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