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New Yorkers love to complain about the horrible inefficiencies of the MTA. But when a loudmouth starts yelling racial slurs, the city’s residents step up to make it known that such behavior isn’t tolerated.


Now, the original footage of this incident is fairly heartwarming, assuming that you like seeing racists get shoved, kicked, and relentlessly mocked. But after Harlem rapper Princess Nokia ID’d herself as the woman who launched a bowl of hot soup at the racist, it made the video even more endearing.


It’s uncommon to see someone in a popular online video offer immediate commentary on said video, and it’s even rarer when that person is already a public figure. But Wednesday is the best day of the week for a reason, so not only do we get to see a racist, who slurred that he went to “NYU Law” get his comeuppance, but we found out who threw the soup. So if you happen to be at a Princess Nokia show, maybe offer her some soup—but please offer it in a tightly closed container and don’t throw it.

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