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It’s not in headlines every day anymore, and it seems to have barely registered to the president of the United States, but Puerto Rico faces a humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria hit in September of last year. The island is devastated and in serious need of aid.

Nuyorican rapper Princess Nokia saw that mess and was like, fine, let me do it. On Thursday, Nokia announced she’s raised over $15,000 in disaster relief and is sending checks to seven different community organizations aimed at getting Puerto Rico back on its feet. She also stated that she’s using $1,000 of the funds to plan a volunteer trip to the island.


The organizations she’s supporting are Taina Unidas, the Maria Fund, Resilient Power PR, Fondo de Resiliencia PR, Finca Concencia De Vieques, UPROSE Brooklyn, and Colectiva Feminista PR.

Putting money in the hands of those who are on the ground in Puerto Rico is proving to be more and more valuable as the White House struggles to get its shit together. In October, Congress approved aid to Puerto Rico as part of a $36.5 billion disaster relief package (which doesn’t permanently exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act, the law that makes much of what’s imported to the island exorbitantly expensive.) So, not great.

Small acts like Princess Nokia’s help, especially when you consider how before the House of Representatives voted on the bill, president Donald Trump tweeted this:


In other words, I’m grateful for Princess Nokia. If you want to learn more about helping Puerto Rico, read on here.

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