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Princess Nokia, the great New York MC and thrower of soup on belligerent subway racists, recently opened up about her emo phase in high school (and losing her virginity to nü-metal band System of a Down, awesome,) which is something I relate to (and still relate to, if I’m being honest?) It seems as though this isn’t something she really grew out of, either, since she’s promising a new mixtape of “real alternative music.” Hell yeah.


She spoke at length about her upcoming project in a new interview with Dazed, and it sounds like something I’d very much like to hear right now. It’s going to be called A Girl Cried Red, drawing inspiration from post-hardcore lifers Dance Gavin Dance. Nokia promises it won’t be emo-rap, or any other sort of genre fusion (although that wouldn’t be bad, either):

“Yes, it’s not just a little touch of it or it blended into hip hop. It’s real alternative music. There’s no features, it’s just me. But I do have Elijah of Phony Ppl playing guitar on it, and I’ve got the wonderful producer Tony Seltzer who did all the production except for one song. We’re all New York City kids and metalheads so I just like to hang out with my friends and listen to our favourite bands and work together. It’s really lovely.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Nokia talks about her new Beats 1 show, “The Voices in My Head,” what she makes of emo’s resurgence (if it ever went away,) and just how important the genre is to black and brown kids growing up.

Looks like there’s some good in emo after all.

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