Praise this Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage Remix of Farruko's Latin Trap Hit "Krippy Kush"

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Remixes are rarely something to write home about, but today, Nicki Minaj has given us a reason to take note. Farruko, the Puerto Rican trap star whose Hot Latin Songs chart hit “Krippy Kush” featuring Bad Bunny and Rvssian entered our heads and never left earlier this fall, has been given an all-star update. Minaj hinted about remixing “Krippy” on Instagram last week, but today, her Spanish-language take on the song, alongside Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, is out in the world. We are blessed.

The upbeat track’s Latin trap borrows the plodding production style of American trap rap, a cross-pollination of two worlds that fit flawlessly within one another. These genres and styles are no longer separated by physical borders—there’s a reason they’re placed next to each other on YouTube, thanks to the algorithm. Nicki Minaj continues her string of excellent guest verses with an effortless flow (“Still stick me for my flow like syringes, now / Still kicking closed doors off the hinges now / Shotgun and them ‘88 Benzes, now”) while 21 Savage delivers his characteristically stoic wordplay on an original verse..


Latin trap is still up-and-coming genre, but one that continues to find its place within the American pop landscape: Earlier this month, Apple Music debuted it’s first Spanish language Beats 1 radio show, Trap Kingz, born from the popularity of an Apple Music playlist focused on the new musical style. That, along with J Balvin’s largely inescapable “Mi Gente,” which continues to climb the Billboard charts, shows that Latin pop and trap are no longer looking on the outside of the American mainstream. They are at the center, and you’d be wise to pay attention.

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