Post Malone Thinks Justin Bieber's Cult, I Mean Church, Is A Cult

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Post Malone isn’t too big on church. Even if it’s the church of Justin Bieber, his former tour mate and spiritual big brother. In a recent Rolling Stone profile, Post Malone, who still holds the no. 1 song in the country with “Rockstar,” was fairly dismissive of his friend’s religious awakening. He told journalist Jonah Weiner:

“He’s gotten super-religious recently. Real culty.” He’s referring to Hillsong, a megachurch that Bieber belongs to. “It’s not culty!” Ashlen interjects. “It’s a total cult,” Malone continues. “He’s already given them, like, $10 million. Those are the worst kinds of people. I used to be super-religious. I believed in God. But now I see through it. It’s nice to support something you believe in, I guess, but people are spending so much money, and God doesn’t care that your church has a fucking gold roof.” I ask if he’s shared these thoughts with Bieber. “We don’t talk about this stuff,” he says.


Hillsong Church is a California megachurch that you might have heard about because of its celebrity members Justin Bieber and NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant. Still, Post Malone isn’t buying into any of that, at all—he holds a fairly grim outlook on the state of the world. The story opened with a rather extensive tour of Post Malone’s gun collection:

“This is an M14 – the gun Navy SEALs use,” he says, placing a chunky rifle in my hands. He takes it back, hands over a Walther PPK – “James Bond’s gun” – with decorative engraving down the barrel. Next up are a .44 Desert Eagle hand cannon and an M1911 pistol, then two gold-plated Glocks – “I’d never actually shoot these.”


While Post Malone may flex his ability to own guns, he isn’t a Trump supporter, and feels the world is a harsh place. “The world is going to shit. They’re taking away a lot of our rights. We have a shitty thing going on in the White House – I don’t like Trump,” he told Rolling Stone. “But I don’t think it’s just him. Something’s coming.”

Personally, I’m not excited for the Post Malone to lead the revolution with guns blazing, but it’s good to know who is ready for the impending end times.


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